Celestial Rain Massage & Wellness

Feel better. live better.


Military & Senior Discount 12%
Birthday Discount 15%

Skincare Consultations - Learn how to maintain healthy skin or how to correct problematic skin.

$25 (approx. 30 min)

Wellness Consultation - Learn how to maintain and achieve your body's most optimal function.

$25 (approx. 30min.)

Massage - The body represents Earth. It is home to your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. 

Massage treats a host of pain and ailments. It is a very relaxing experience, one we hope you will enjoy as well as benefit from. We look forward to treating you.

Aromatherapy is included with your appointment.

There is a $25 traveling fee for all mobile services.

Swedish Massage  -   This gentle massage brings about therapeutic results by manipulating the body's soft tissues, muscles, skin, tendons, and ligaments.

30 min     $35

60 min     $55

90 min     $75


Deep Muscle Massage - This treatment focuses on releasing deeper muscle pain and tension.

30 min - $45

60 min - $65

Back, Neck & Shoulder - This treatment focuses specifically on the muscles in this region.

30 min     $30

60 min     $50

Reflexology - This treatment helps to channel energy through the body along specific meridians to promote healing.

Foot Reflexology     $35

Hand Reflexology    $25

Prenatal Massage - This soothing, light pressure massage helps relieve tension and anxiety during pregnancy. 


Sports Massage - This massage can be used for pre and post treatments to warm and loosen the muscles/joints and speed up the elimination of waste products in the muscles.


Shiatsu - An ancient Chinese technique uses pressure points to alleviate pain and promote good health.


Spa Treatments - Water represents rejuvenation, which our treatments do for the skin.

Water nourishes the body. These treatments are designed to nourish the skin.

Ear Candling - Relieves sinus pressure and the build up of excessive wax.


Contouring Body Wraps! ~ Tone, tighten & firm your problem areas with this spa treatment by breaking down fat cells and repairing loose skin!  http://www.2160464.myitworks.com/

Face ~ 30 Package $99

Neck/Chin ~$30 Package $99

Body ~ $30 Package $99

Tummy ~ $30 Package $99

Thighs ~ $60 package $99


New You ~ $130 (4 Wraps & 1 Massage)

Red Carpet Treatment ~ $244 (4 wraps, Greens Supplements, Defining Gel and Fat Fighters) Promotes inch loss, contouring and toning! Includes FREE skincare consultation!

Satin Foot Treatment - Helps to retain natural moisture while cleansing and exfoliating the skin.


Eucalyptus Towel Wrap - Helps to relieve sinus congestion while calming the facial muscles.


Paraffin Hand Treatment  - Relieves joint pain and nourishes the skin while relaxing the muscles.


Celestial Rain Face Lifting Facial - Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin with this organic facial!


Celestial Rain Detoxifying Mask - This plant base mask detoxes your pores.

$20 - Face


Botanical Facial - This facial uses botanical extracts along with a Vitamin C and an eye treatment to restore balance to even the most sensitive skin!


Sugar Glow Treatment - Soybean and coconut oil hydrates and nourishes the skin as the sugar exfoliates to reveal more vibrant skin! Green Tea and Lemongrass are used as an antioxidant.

$65 - Full Body

Energy Work - Fire represents energy.
Because there is more than meets the eye with the body, these treatments channel healing through energy.



Specials - Wind represents spiritual tranquility.
These treatments are combined to give you the most relaxing experience possible.


4 one hr massages     $165

4 90 min massages     $270

4 Contouring Wraps   $99

4 Reflexology Sessions $115

Sinus Relief - Eucalyptus Towel Wrap, Ear Candling & Facial Massage


Mother To Be - Prenatal Massage & Satin Foot Treatment


Weekend Warrior - Sports Massage & Reflexology


Foot Fantasy - Satin Foot Treatment & Reflexology


Parties! Good for any occasion!

Minimum of four people.

 Skinny Wrap Party ~ Slimming Wrap.

$30 per person

Pamper Me Please Spa Party! - Slimming Wrap or Massage, Satin Foot Treatment & Paraffin Hand Treatment.

$40 per person w/ Slimming Wraps

$30 per person w/ Massage